Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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By Wiccan Pope Vidian

         Wiccan Rede

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Wiccan Pope's Favorite Movies and T.V. Shows  Click Here to Watch!!

Click banner below to read the Nudist Law

Click Below to read what the Bible says about Nudism/ Naturism

The Jehovah Disciples Christian Church Supports  http://www.antichildporn.org/
Please visit their site by clicking banner below.

Great News!!! The Wiccan Pope Homeless Shelter Temple Design Is Now Finished!!! Click Below!!!

This Link is to a site that talks about the Goddess Sophia of Proverbs 8. The Jehovah Disciples' Holy Mother.

If you need to write a quick Bible lesson click below for an easy to use online Bible.

Yet another site on the Goddess Sophia/ Wisdom/ Alchemy. SHE'S REAL FOLKS!!! The CHURCHY TEACHERS know of Her, and of the Original Judaic Christians. ASK THEM YOU MOTH SHEEP!!!

The Je.di. ARE MUSLIMS, but not of Muhammad. We ARE MUSLIMS of the Great Prophet Master Kunta Kinte.

Silver RavenWolf's Site. She is a Pagan Witch, and Je.di. ARE NOT PAGAN, but her book, "Silver RavenWolf's Book of Shadows," is the source of my knowledge of Proverbs 8 Mother Wisdom. My Love. Thank you Silver.
Click banner below to read the Fig Leaf Forum

The Jehovah Disciples Believe that Reproduction was a Magick Power Given by Father Allah Jehovah in the beginning. The second is Consuming plants, and the third Magick Power is the ability to Control Pets. Read the Creation theory in Genesis. Click Banner below to watch a Family Educational Video Site for that question, "Where do babies come from?" 

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Church Supplies

Religious Mall Religious Icons, Church Supplies, Byzantine Icons

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Click banner below to visit art.com 
The Jehovah Disciples promote art instead of football and cheer leading. Art focuses on male and female equality. 
Football and cheer leading promotes separation of gender, and love for the same sex more than their straight monogamous spouse. 
Visit Art.com

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Buy a sword at kingofswords.com
King of Swords Allied

Click Banner Below to visit JewishHistory.Org

Or Click Here to watch the Jewish Documentary 
full film on Youtube

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Remarkable savings on Christian Products

Click banner below to go to jewishlordswitness.com
The Wiccan Pope is a dog who eats the crumbs that fall from his master's table. Christ came for the lost sheep of Israel. The Wiccan Pope is honored the Lord Jesus Christ is willing to let him serve His People.

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Click Banner Below to go to ProLife.com
The Wiccan Pope does not permit abortions in his Jehovah Disciples Church.

The Wiccan Pope and his Je.di. support Norml. Click Banner below to visit their website. Marijuana is Holy to the Jehovah Disciple Religion, and should only be legal under the 1st Amendment in a Church.

Click Banner Below to visit illness-illusion.com

Please Click Banner Below to read more about the Goddess Sophia (Wisdom)

Click Banner Below to read about The Judeo-Christian Tradition

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